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Welcome to Family Support Team

My name is Pauline Hammond, I am the Family Support Worker at Radford Primary Academy. My aim is to build a strong, positive working relationship with the families and to provide ongoing support. I am available to talk to Parents/Carers on site regarding any concerns you may have. I can offer parents a wealth of advice and support. I also deal with the attendance and work alongside different agencies. If you would like to book an appointment with me please call on 76 597234.


The Boot Fund is a Coventry charity which helps children who come from families on a low income. It aims to help those parents who might otherwise struggle to provide their children with school shoes. The basic qualifications are that the child who requires new school shoes is of school age, and a regular attendee at a Coventry School. To apply to the Charity, parents complete application forms (available from school) which are agreed and signed by the Headteacher and then forwarded to the charity. The charity is only able to offer assistance to one child per family. There are four allocations yearly. Successful candidates are issued with a voucher and instructions on how to exchange the voucher for properly fitted school shoes from Charles Ager.