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Parent Teacher Group

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Group, everyone who has a child at this school automatically becomes a member.  

We are a friendly bunch of parents and teachers and we represent all year groups. We aim to provide a "little extra" for the children and school community through organising ongoing fundraising and social events. Our meetings are very informal and we meet up every fortnight.

It's a good way to get to know more about the school, make new friends from across different year groups and have a closer link with staff.

You may discover new skills that you never thought you had!  It also benefits your children.

How to get involved?

Being part of the Parent Teacher Group does not mean you have to attend every meeting or help at every event.

It may be that you have a talent, business or new fundraising ideas or offers of help that we could use.

It is ok to help on an 'as and when' basis?

Yes, don't worry there is still plenty of other ways to help.......

Any questions please ask to speak to Mrs Hammond.