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Tag Rugby Tournament - KS2 Girls

On Tuesday 10 March 7 of our Yr. 5 & 6 girls were invited to take part in a Tag Rugby Tournament at Berkswell & Balsall Rugby Club.  This was the first time our girls had participated in Tag Rugby.

16 teams took part; the teams were split into 4 groups, each team played 3 games with the winner of each group advancing to the semi-final and then on to the final.  Our girls did very well coming third within their group.

As you can see from some of the comments below, the girls had a great time.

I had so much fun! I really want to thank Mr. Hirsi and Mr. Mashford for the hard work they did in training and preparing us for the tag rugby competition.
I really enjoyed Tag Rugby because it was my first time going to a tournament and I would really like to go again. It was a good fair match with the other schools.
I thought the Tag Rugby tournament was great. It was a fantastic experience and I hope we do it again. Mr. Mashford some matches with Holbrooks.
I thought the Tag Rubgy tournament. We had lots of fun! We are going to play Holbrooks again and we are going to win! Our coaches Mr. Mashford and Mr. Hirsi were pushing us to do well and we did!
I loved Tag Rugby and I hope we can do it again. I enjoyed it so much, so thank you to Mr. Hirsi and Mr. Mashford. The best rugby coaches in the whole world.

We look forward to taking part next year.